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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 18, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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you don't have to go to the sierra to see snow as our bay area mountains get a light dusting. good evening. thank you for joining us. as tempting as it is to check out the light snow over the peaks and the ones that received it, it can be a dangerous trip to make. lisa amin gulezian is live tonight on mt. hamilton road. >> reporter: we have had a little of everything tonight. i am here on empty hamilton road and it has stopped raining fortunately, but earlier we had a lot of wind, hail, and, yes, even some snow. >> atop mt. hamilton tonight, several inches of snow blanketed the rhoads, -- roadside but there' peoplencern that people looking for fresh powder might find trouble instead.
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>> we had a numb number of folks coming up to look at the snow and play in it, and some of them got stuck, couple cars win off the road. >> a warping to swimmers. this water is creating d the conditions in the ocean, high surf advisory went into effect at 9:00 p.m. waves are expected to reach 17 feet and strong rip tides and sneaker currents. >> once you get in there very rare you can come out, and i've seen surfer take it for grant everything is okay, and before you know it, you don't see the surfer anymore. >> reporter: all day long the wintery mix caused problems. chp ran traffic breaks the santa cruz mountain. their focus was on highway 17, especially after this minivan flipped on its side. >> people need to slow down. the road are really wet. it's deceiving, maybe a little
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drizzle but causes the roadways to be slippery and the oil comes to the hop. >> reporter: the wind only made matters worst. a large fir tree snapped at the base ask crashe askn to highway9 in sultan. >> 6:00 on the nice i heard this tree snap, and kind of got up kind of quibbling. >> reporter: it took down power and you aisle lines, -- utility lines, leaving 50 customers in all of dark. all of those people have had their power restored. i did just learn 60 people in the park merced area of san trance -- san francisco will be in the dark until 2:00 in the morning. >> chains are required on the roads to tahoe tonight. just look at the conditions from the caltrans camera off i-80. skiers and snowboarders will be waking up to fresh snow, and conditions are pretty slushy
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along highway 89 in squaw valley. winter isn't going out without a fight in the mountainser in los angeles county, ski reextortsing getting a few inches, but officials are washing motorists to be careful. >> northwest of sacramento, work crews were cleaning up from a huge mudslide in the town of new castle. a big part of a hillside gave way. the moved flowed down and moved trees around. the area was saturated with rain yesterday and aed in watch is in effect in the sacramento area until tonight. '. what's ahead? meteorologist leigh glaser is here with a look at the forecast. >> leigh: hi there everybody. looks like we're seeing a bit of a break between storm systems, and it looks like most of the heaviest rain has moved on out of the area. live doppler 7 hd picking up a few cells, a few echos just off the coast. in the north bay, not much over the mainland areas, from clover
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wail down towards petaluma, near the coast, may pick up mississippi and drizzle. we're picking up returns near santa cruz, ben low ---loman and the peeks, and some of what is coming down is in the form of frozen precipitation. speaking of precipitation, how much from monday to saturday? check out the rainfall totals. close to 4-1/2 inches mill valley. almost 5 inches the past five days for santa rosa. check out scott creek. almost 20 inches of rain. it was been wet out there. livermore, not even an inch. so that tells you the course of the rain. more rain tomorrow.ok at th we'll look at the forecast coming up. >> san francisco shares its irish pride on this st. patrick's day. parades, spirits, and safety checkpoints to make sure people don't get out of hand.
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sergio quintana has all things irish. >> reporter: you know, tonight i am where some st. patrick's day celebrations might be coming to a pretty sobering end. this field sobriety checkpoint set up by the the of the few rained -- around the bay area. the aim to keep streets safe this holiday weekend. raising a point to cheer st. pat. as much a part of ass day as the color green and the irish flag. >> i'm half irish. >> the best way to ring in st. patrick's day is with a wade, and with this holiday on a weekend, made for a seemingly loose opene of the open container laws, but for the most part the celebrations with spirits and brews, stuck to the pubs and this financial district alleyfest host bid the irish bank bar. >> how is the day going in. >> a drunkfest here. >> here is where people packed
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in to soak in the celebration of st. patrick's, and along with the siles and sal uaddition there are special interpretations of green. >> a green wig. >> it's what's hot right now and it's what's hot every year. >> with the date full of celebrations, the police kept on point, keeping an eye out for sell bran whose got a little too slosh and then slipped behind the wheel and as night set in the san francisco police put up this checkpoint. >> people are off work so a larger than normal group of people out at bar, drinking and celebrating and that equates to more people drinking and driving. >> checkpoints like there is and the associated brinking red and blue lights have become as familiar on this holiday as the color green. and this checkpoint was set up around 8:00 and they plan on carrying it through the rest of the evening. so far it's actually been kind a
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quiet. a few people were pulled over to harp their i.d.'s checked but we haven't seen any arrests, so that's good news so far. and they're going to be here throughout the rest of the evening. reporting live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> aaa is offering free rides until 6:00 tomorrow morning, toe truck will pick up you and your car and take you to ten miles. it is free. just call 800-aaa help, and say, i need a tipsy toe, a much better option to getting behind the wheel. >> the search will attorney continue for thew for the mother of an iraq war veteran. she hasn't been seen since authorities discovered the bodies of her daughter and son. family and friends say they won't stand look for the missing mom until they find. he search crews found no science -- sign of today. today. relatives say specialist gutierrez was suffering from
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stress disorder. >> why they allow him to have guns. came out of a psychiatric ward, and the army should be out here having a search party, helping find him. >> based on the evidence found in his car police believe specialist gutierrez may have shot his mother and left here for dead. >> police have tracked down two carjacking suspects, row land ramirez and 28 year francesca galope were captured. s.w.a.t. over is spent hours -- outside a vacant house but when they moved in the house was empty. >> investigators are looking for sierra la lamar who was last seen leaving for school yesterday morning as 6:00. she has never been seen since.
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the sheriff's deputies and police dogs searched the area of palm and heal butnue but investigators runs empty-hasn't. anybody with information should contact the santa clara county sheriff's office. >> following up on a story we brought you last night. rescue crews fond the body of a pilot. crews had been looking for the pilot and his plane. the pilot was flying visually from arizona to san jose. he told friends during the flight he was going to vie divert to hollister because of bad weather. >> the vigil for the 16 murdered civilians in afghanistan and what we now know of the army sergeant accused of killing them. >> san -- a warning for antibiotic users, why overusing them could send medicine back
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>> the man accused of killing 16 afghan villagers is back on u.s. soil. staff sergeant robert bales is his fo his four deployments in iraq and afghan, bale lived in washington state with his wife and two children, one maybe says bale was the salt of the earth. >> one of the guys. i got to go over and spend time with him a little bit and we did
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a couple of barbecues, and we win to pizza place down the road here once or twice with his family, and just a regular guy. >> however, record shows bale had minor scuffles with the law, financial troubles, and was passed over for a promotion. >> here in the bay area, dozens of afghans and supporters gathered to hold a vigil for the victims. here's tomas roman. >> stop killing innocent civilians. >> stop killing -- >> the call for an into the death0s of civilians in afghanistan is echoed. more than 150 afghans and supporters came here today. they're here to pay respects and mourn the loss of women and children whom an army staff sergeant is accused of killing. >> she -- b be brought to justice for carrying on this teen of killing. >> we want to have the end of civilian deaths. there's been too many incidents,
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and it's enough. we're done. >> he is hearing claims from yaf afghanistan that one man could not have commit this atrocity. >> we're sheer -- sure these people are a group of troops, not one person.rmy staff sergeat bale is being held at f live leavenworth prison. >> i'm shocked. i can't believe that it was him. there are no ther signs. it was -- it's really sad. >> reporter: other friends say bales on this fourth middle east deployment was suffering from ptsd and after three tours in iraq, two battle wounds and the recent loss of a comrade, he snapped. >> everybody would agree that nobodyo would do something like that if they were thinking clearly. >> we're not their promote a war or denounce the war. >> people gathered here say they want answers and justice for the victims, they want to be heard and they don't want apologies.
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>> we have heard a lot of apologies, and i seriously don't think that -- it's not enough. >> the afghans gathered here today are sending a formal letter the president, asking for a change in strategy in afghanistan, formal apology, and most of all-justice for the victims. in fremont, i'm tomas roman, cbs 7 news. >> it's been 45 days since the nuclear reactors at san onofre were shut down, and new federal inspectors are trying to out wnd out why certain equipment is fail failing. they have been eroding at an alarming rate. the reactors were shut down. the tiewbz are two to three years old and shouldn't be breaking down so soon. st. patrick's day celebrations are taking pl takie all over the globe. about 450 soldiers waited to get their sprig of good luck from the new dutchess.
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>> in ireland, the city of dublin was awash with green and a wholef lot of fun. st. patrick is the patron saint of ireland where it's a holiday today. >> leigh glaser is here with a look at the forecast. >> leigh: that's a sneak in st. patrick's day parade in san francisco with just a few drops here and there. you can see behind me our high def next roof top cam, the clouds are with us, the wind picked up but we're seeing a lot of dry pavement out there this evening, the live doppler 7 hd suggesting most of the cells are sticking maybely off the coast, inland locations around the bay area are dry. we're still picking up a little rain over towards the sacramento area, and light snow now is falling at lake tahoe. here's a look at our current readings. in the 40s. 47, san rafael. 46 in san jose. clouds over livermore.
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i want to show you the winds. they're howling out there. gusts of 40 at sfo. novato, gusts at 30. westert 60 at 60 in livermore, d san jose, it's windy, with the westerly gusts to 20 miles-per-hour. so, tonight we're dealing with the wind. going to be a much colder night tonight. we'll keep a slight chance of a shower in the overnight forecast. a low snow level, down to 2,000 people so hamilton, diablo, and possibly the summit at hyper17 could get slick overnight especially as the moisture moves through. a windy day tomorrow, slight chance of a shower, and then we'll get into a dry pattern on monday. here's a look at our low pressure. moving just to the south of u.s., and we have that counterclockwise spin so idrivie driving moisture towards our area. we're also seeing moisture right near the coast so it's going to
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be very close to us. so we're going to keep it in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. here's a look at our timeline. you can see some moisture really mainly off the coast. tomorrow morning we may see a few hit or miss showers here and there around the bay area. mainly in the morning hours, and then by tomorrow afternoon, everything starts to wind down and we'll start to dry things back up. expect a lot of sunshine tomorrow as well. we do have a high surf advisory up until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. already that swell is building 16 feet in monterey bay right now. expected breakers to 20. so keep that in mind. that's in place throughout the course of your sunday. lows tonight, 30s across most of the interior locations. 40s elsewhere. highs look at the highs tomorrow. a mixture of sun and also clouds, maybe an isolated shower here and there. but really we're going to be in the mid-to-low 50s across much the bay area. wind speeds are a concern, keeping the chill in the air,
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and coastal waters, winds gusting at 30-35 miles-per-hour. spring arrives monday night at 10:14. start to warm up a little bit. chance of showers mainly wed tuesday and wednesday, and then a dry day thursday and friday. >> thank you so much. shu, 49ers improve thing -- improving the roster. >> mike: they did but not the guhought. thought. they added another wide receiver, the same guy that
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>> mike: well, free agent quarterback peyton manning should choose this week. probably when alex smith will make his decision to stay or go. they both have the same agent. gham to their roster.49ers have wide receiver mario manningham. the 25-year-old caught this pasi
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from eli manning to set up the game-winning field bowl to beat the patriots and burn the 49ers with a touchdown catch with eight minutes left in regulation. he w needed ded much needed depo the wide receiver corps and maybe entice peyton to come west. >> the pack pac-12 minimum were complaining about not getting any respect, and now they're gone. bucks up two. baylor's brady, the three to tie with 11 left and never cools off. nine 3s for all 27 of his point. baylor is sweet 16 bound after the win. the pac-12 is to mary. scary moments for kentucky against iowa state. jones can't hit from three but davis with the followin flush. he had 15. kentucky moving on to the sweet
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16 with the victory. >> virginia commonwealth and indiana, great game. she he the jumper, hoosiers up two. brandonberg for three. no go, hoosiers win, 63-61, and play kentucky in this the sweet 16. >> top seed in the east, orange taking on kansas state. k-state hanging on tough in the second. the rebound. 14 of 17 boards. wildcats down one. but the orange turin turn on the juice. syracuse roles, they get wisconsin in the sweet 16. gone saga challenging ohio state. zags down three. four minutes left. harris from downtown. ties it at 61. 'john stockton, thinking updebt but the buckeyes don't blink. zags eliminated. buckeyes move intweet 16he swee6 for the third straight year. >> for the women, cardinal looking for their 29th
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29th straight win against hampton. nneka, 25 in the first half including that three. she was unstoppable. great d from lindsey. nneka, 28 points, cardinals win, ge monday. monday. >> the warriors got type up by the jazz. jefferson had nine points in the first game. thompson, he had 17. warriors up two in the fourth. the favors' dunk, plus the foul, just what didn't didn'td. going to overtime where it was all jazz. utah wins it in o.t., 99-92. >> we'll take a time-out before we hit the ice with the sharks
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medicare guide and customized rate quote. >> mike: sharks could game ground hosting detroit. time to get busy. 11 games left.
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the sharks looking good, up 2-0 in the first. but detroit tie it up. in the overtime, rebound goes top shelf. sharks win, 3-2 the final. >> giants hosting the a's in scott bail for a bay bridge preview. the giants wearing the green hats for st. patty's day. timmy was cooking. four strikeouts, one earned run and six innings. bottom six, and the panda, see ya. second jack of the spring. in the seventh, ron brian wilson on the hill. two outs, striking out both. giants beat the a's 7-2, that was your toyotat, report, coming up later, little golf, tennis, and soccer, and alex smith and peyton manning and droppingsidering dropping him. >> the same thing, is it going to happen?
2:31 am
>> fine out tuesday. the 49ers are stocking up to make it a better choice for him to come here. >> if you think your caller i.d. is protecting you, think again. >> a chill you go warning about antibiotic and how overusing them could send modern medicine back to the stone age. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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good evening, checking your headlines. warnings for skiers and surfers, roads are slippery and treacherous from snow that's falling as low as mt. hamilton
2:35 am
and there's a surf advisory out tonight. 17-foot waves could be coming in. the storm is expected to bring more showers tomorrow. tonight, gilroy police have of an iraqi war veteran the act least for now. they say they have found no sign of martha gutierrez who they believe to be dead or gravely wounded. able gutierrez killed himself and his sister on wednesday. >> army staff sergeant robert bales is starting his second day in a conditions prison cell. he is said to have kilnsafghan . >> a new warning before you answer your phone call. you think your caller i.d. is protecting you, letting you know who is calling and the number they're calling from. here's how the fraud works and what to do. >> it's an old fashioned con with a cutting edge twist. it's called spoofing. where criminals gain your trust
2:36 am
in a trick to get your personal information. they call from one number, but your call i.d. shows a trust worthy source like a bank. he says spoofing is up 50%. >> there's right now to stop somebody from doing this to me. >> as a consumer you can't stop it. the best you can do is realize it's possible. >> he says the spoofers sound real, like in this call. >> a specialist will be with you in a moment, this call may be recorded for quality purposes. >> we asked him to show us how easy it is to pull off. >> choose the individual, just -- >> here he is using a free app anyone and download, and typing in a spoof number that will appear on my caller i.d. in this case, it's my bank. >> while he really sounds like this, hi marge that, it's mark
2:37 am
from chase fraud department. >> by doing this i can change the phone number, but i can also change my voice. and make you think that i'm calling from somewhere else, and that i sound like someone else. >> makes is very easy to do and very convincing. >> as always, make sure you know who you're talking to before yo. call the company directly if you're in doubt. >> a global health alert tonight, warning minor infections could become deadly if people continue to overuse antibiotics, the head of the world health organization claims the world is entering an antibiotic crisis that could make routine operations impossible and a scratched knee potentially fatal. doctors fear the antibiotics won't be able to block or kill bacteria that has mutated. >> the technology for predicting weather is improving all the time but when you hear the forecast, might not give much thought about the research
2:38 am
behind it or the people risking their lives to find out more. dan ashley has more on the science of weather on display in san francisco. >> you can see the updraft. >> this simulated tornado is one of the exploratoriums hogue popular exhibits. >> the children can get into it. >> for the nextxhibit. >> for the next week, visitors will have even more opportunities to get involved in weather. as the exploratorium focuses on the science of severe storms. >> balloons inside thunderstorms and this one actually got struck by lightning. you see these burn marks? >> we're simulatingweng. we build up static electricity on a big metal ball, and then use this little wand to have lightning basically run from the wand to the bigger ball. >> you can actually feel the electricity in the air. >> i felt some kind of tingly sensation all around here.
2:39 am
>> the severe weather exhibit is a partnership with the noah. that's the agency that operates storm-chasing vehicles, seeking out weather most of us want to avoid. trying to get close but not too close. >> have to have an exit strategy. >> graduate student sean helps put together the vehicles and on display now the exploratorium. the high-tech weather instruments feed data into a computer system in the floor. >> we can monitor the data real-time and real-time and see what the opinion, temperature, and pressure is doing. >> the exhibit features dramatic video and photos taken by the storm chasers during their research. >> a lot of information contained in just the shape of the storm, and how the storm looked. >> hail is actually one of most dangerous things they face. some as big, some has spikes, and it can come down hard. >> be like making an ice cube the size of a grape fruit and then throwing it out of an airplane. vehicle is of theis
2:40 am
covered by battle scars caused d be hail. >> the worried has been rae placed. that hail can break bones, can kill you. >> all these weather exhibits are a preview of next year. the exploratorium is opening a new building on the waterfront where they will collaborate with noaa on cutting edge expictz. >> tomorrow they will have special seve special severe storms day with all kind of demonstrations, talks, and tours. turning to campaign news tomorrow. puerto rico is just hours away from casting votes in its'm yang presidential primary. candidates are concentrating on tuesday when illinois holds its premiere. romney told a crowd probe robe's gas advisers should be fired because gas is so high.
2:41 am
santorum said he is running again just one explai explaining romney has the same policies against president obama. the president celebrated his irish heritage today. he joined patrons at an irish pub anybody the white house. he left the pub giving some to behave yourself., expect you one of the resident president's great-ishers on his mother's side immigranted from ire helped to the united states in the 1850s. >> the rising cost of reading. the new expense libraries are facing and how it could impact how you check out books. >> and lori martin talks about her success in the world of comedy. >> we'll check in one last time before you leave tonight with live doppler 7 hd, most streets are dry right now. if you're traveling to southern california we'll give you an update there as well.
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>> libraries are facing tough times. bit budget cuts and publishers are raisings prices, especiallys publi one publisher told libraries the price for ebooks have gone way u. >> in most cases it was two or three times increase. so hardback that was 25 was around 75. >> publishers used to make their money when libraries had to buy another copy of a book but that's not the case anymore.
2:45 am
many libraries are struggling with book budgets already and the price increase to provide ebooks could mean fewer lori kill martin grew up in san francisco and became one of the brains behind some of late night's funniest monologues including late, late show with craig ferguson and conan o'bryan. she talked about whatto come uph to come up with the material. >> we do a late night aroundup and -- >> i sue it. >> was that your joke? >> i tweaked it. >> what was yours? >> mind was, she said -- remembered. i never remembered. something like, being progress naps was a familiar feeling or something, being hungover was -- oh, man, i'm screwing up the setup. but -- [laughter] >> the was, was, being hungover it's like being pregnant, nauseating and i'm not comfortable and somebody i don't
2:46 am
know is inside me. >> that's it. it. >> believe me, if i remembered it correctly it would have been tighter. that's not how stuff turn my stf in. >> you're show is doing very well. >> it's doing great icongratulations. what e what's the work day like? >> i get there 8:30 or 9:00 and we're there until 7:00 and the monologue team writes a ton of jokes every day, and we meet with conan and watch a show tape and we meet afterwards and couple up with stuff for the next day. it's a great job and he is a great guy. >> good to see him rebounding. a couple of stories i wanted to get you to talk about. the average woman has three bad-hair days a week. >> wait a minute. who said this? >> i don't know. >> who is they? who are these people? >> people who take surveys on these things. >> who is calling it -- you called a woman up and get herere answer the phone and the one question you ask her is, do you
2:47 am
have bad-hair day? maybe question your life right then. go ahead. i'm sorry. >> that was it. did you have bad-hair days. >> i don't care. if i have a bad-hair day, i say my boobs look good, and put some hair spray on and it's good. >> a zen hear day. >> are you saying my boobs don't look good? >> you can watch 7 live every weekday right here on abc-7. let's good 0 over to leigh glaser with a look out how things are shaping up outside. >> leigh: one last checkin. most of the moisture is just very spotty. mainly off the coast. so, we may get a dry night this week. a chance of an isolated shower in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. if you're heading into southern california, the low is going to bring snow in over the grape
2:48 am
vine. so tricky travel. and showers in san diego, los angeles, and possibly down to palm springs, look for off and on snow showers tomorrow in the lake tahoe area, 30-degrees there, and even sacramento may see a few lingering showers, 56. here's the look at the forecast. a mixture of sun and clouds, slight chance of an isolated shower in our forecast, mainly tomorrow morning, but those northwesterly winds will keep the chill in the air, so look for highs in the mid-to-low 50 siz. windy conditions towards month ray, 52 there tomorrow and 55 for gilroy. the seven-day forecast, tomorrow is the last full day of winter, and then spring arrives monday night. and looks like a dry day on monday. slight chance of shower tuesday and wednesday, and mainly north bay communities. the rest of shoes remain dry. warm things up by wednesday, and then thursday and friday looks good, dry. >> so, shu, peyton manning not a done deal for the niners but
2:49 am
somebody else is? >> mike: there is another and it has manning in his name. the 49ers improve their wide receiver corps with another signing, and rafael nadal and roger federer, coming up next in l
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2:52 am
>> mike: the peyton manning sweepstakes continue. he should choose between the 49ers, broncos and titans this week. now, that's probably when alex smith will make his decision to stay or go. in the meantime, the 49ers have added a manningham to their roster. wide receiver mario manningham. the 25 year caught this pass from eli manning to set up the game-winning touchdown in the super bowl, as the giants beat the patriots. also burned the 49ers in the nfc title game with this touchdown catch with eight minutes flefts regulation. fourth year player with add depth to the wide receiver corpe west. >> alex smith and peyton manning have the same agent in tom con don. alex apparently is contemplating condon with his cop flex of interest. i wouldn't blame him. >> the warriors getting tuned up
2:53 am
by the jazz. jefferson had nine points. clay tom son, he had 17. warriors up two in the fourth. make i three with 37 seconds left we're going to overtime and it's all jazz from there favors, 23 points, 17 boards, he's good. utah wins in o.t. the pac-12 men were complaipg they flint no respect from the ncaa tournament committee. only two teams got in. well, cal stunk up the join and now colorado is gone. colorado fating the bears of baylor. colorado brown gets the bucks the laid. it's tied. nine these for all 27 of his points, baylor's sweet 16 bound after the win. and the pac-12 is no more. >> nneka owing expoag the cardinal facing hampton.
2:54 am
nneka hot, burying threes. 222 in -- 22 in the first half. nneka, unstoppable. cardinals win and get west virginia on monday. >> the sharks, ninth the western conference standing but could gain ground hosting detroit. only 11 games one. sharks up one until have electric fines the net. the detroit ties it up at two. we go to overtime. then havelet havelet again, this shot again on goal. finds the rebound, top shelf. sharks win their second straight. 32-the final. big day at at&t park. soccer. earthquakes hosting houston. houston threatening, dine -- that's the only goal of the game and the earthquakes fall 1-nil. that final.
2:55 am
meanwhile, senegal and mexico, big day for mexico's player. scoring on two penalty kicks in front of more than 2 than 21,00. the difference. mexico wins it 2-1. in baseball, a bay little by bridge series scoltsesdale. tim lincecum and the giants wearing the grown hats for what? am ma's birthday? no, st. patrick's day. timmy was cooking. bottom six, the panda, see ya. bottom six, the panda unloads, sandoval, second jackspring. spring. giants had three home runs on the day. let's get the regular season started inch the seventh, wilson g good.hil good. gets twoing out striking out both. giants beat the a's, 7-2, giants and dodgers split squad. a nightcap. bell wastes no time.
2:56 am
deep to right opposite field. it's gone. bran giants and dodgers play a nine-inning tie. 3-3 the final. >> pga tour in florida. we go from eagles. luke donald with the eagle. jim furyk, great tee shot here on four. makes that for birdie. 11-under with a 66. tied for the round of the day from retief goosen. pars a 65. needs a win to get into the masters. an interesting sunday. we finish with tennis, rafa nadal the the roger federer in the paris open. roger takes the first set. second, nadal not going quietly. fights back to 5-4 but federer finishes hip automatic with -- him off with the ace.
2:57 am
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